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Monthy Repayment:
有效月息率低至 %
有效年息率低至 %

^Monthy repayment is caluated using an effective rate of 1.99%-25.00% and is for reference only.
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Tailored for the following people
Case Study
Polly was successfully approved a loan amount of HK$300,000, with monthly instalment of HK$8846.33 for 36 months.
Annual percentage rate was 30%, no handling charge and enjoyed a first three month payment-free period.
Sonia is a year 3 student studying Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong.
Her dream is to travel to South America and she contemplates to do this after her last semester but before the start of her first employment...

Susan and her boyfriend is planning to get marry soon.
There are a number of expenses to be incurred for the wedding including banquet, dresses, new home decorations etc. As expected, these payments has used up...

Home Improvement
Cheung's family have been living in the Kwun Tong district for years. Mr. and Mrs. Cheung bought this apartment 10 years ago and by 2014, this apartment would be a 40 years old property. Mr.Cheung has also...

Card Repayment
Miss Lee has always been saying that she has "no talent in numbers.". In reality, she has been frustrated by her bad financial management leading to huge credit card debts being accumulated. She understands it is...

“Time is the most important thing for me.  I was satisfied immediately when I first use Elephant Club to borrow as the whole process was very efficiency.  Please keep it up as I think this high quality of service should be the norm nowadays.
Po Ki, Gift shop owner
"You got The Elephant Rating Card, and it is a significant credit record for me! Well done!"
"I found your company from internet and tried it to borrow money for the first time. I remembered I did it during lunch time at office and it was much easier than expected."
P Lam, Shipping staff
"This is a good experience - time saved, money saved, high tech and simple. I would suggest that this should be the standard for other banks to follow."
KC, Trainer
"No one do lendings like EC! (Elephant Club) I feel at ease when I processed my application online, and I didn't need to talk to anyone. It's like a fully automatic ATM"
Susie, Tutor
"Save time, save money. This is definitely a new experience for me. Please keep it up, Elephant (Elephant Club)."
Gareth. Z, Consultant
又一個人對個人(P2P)借貸公司加入戰團。象錢寶(Elephant Club)專營私人、無抵押貸款,另設「象錢寶消費信貸基金」,全數投資於其債務票據,只供專業投資者參與,最少認購10萬美元,認購年期1至3年,每月定額派息。以認購三年期為例,年息達9%至10%,其創辦人兼董事總經理李德光(圖左)形容,投資者每月收息已足夠子女供讀國際學校,並由象錢寶公司承擔壞賬風險,不會蠶食借款人回報。
<匯港通訊> 象錢寶有限公司董事總經理李德光表示,網絡信貸模式因能省卻傳統借貸機構的多重收費,其高回報及低息貸款,能吸引投資者及貸款人。他指出中國市場目前有逾5000家貸款商,截至2017年5月 P2P 總交易金額約為...
香港文匯報訊(記者 周曉菁)象錢寶董事總經理李德光昨於記者會上宣佈,首推「三個月免供期」優惠及「免入息證明」,設有6至36個月的不同還款期,貸款額最高為30萬元。他認為,香港網貸市場規管十分嚴格,相信社交借貸有相當大的發展空間和潛力。
【明報新聞網】象錢寶(Elephant Club)董事總經理李德光表示,公司首推「三個月免供期」及免入息證明,在批核時會參考環聯資訊有限公司資料,從而得出申請人信貸評級,而擁有個人貸款息率。網上貸款最高貸款額達30萬元,而還款期由6至36個月不等。